Kali Mata Pooja

Kali Puja is performed on a new moon night. As Kali is associated with dark rites and demon worship, Maa kali the rituals performed are austere and offered with great devotion. Terrifying than Durga is Kali, the black earth-mother, whose rites involve sacrificial killings. Kali has dark skin and hideous tusked face, smeared with blood, the brow bearing a third eye, like Shiva's.

Description of Goddess Kali-

She has four arms. She holds in one a weapon, in another the head of an asura, dripping blood; the other two are raised to bless the worshipers. Her body is naked except for her 'ornaments', which include necklace of snakes, skulls and heads of her sons and a belt from which hangs demon's hands, which signify Karma or action. Kali developed her thirst for blood after killing the demon Raktavera. Lord Brahma had granted a boon to Raktavera that every drop of blood which fell from his body would be able to produce thousands more like him. The only way Kali could kill him was to hold him high, pierce him with a spear and drink all his blood as it gushed out. Kali is often portrayed with her tongue hanging out and her mouth dripping blood. This is said to signify the force that gives impetus to all activities.

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