Kuja Dosha Pooja

Manglik dosh or Kuja dosha is shaped when scratches is put in the ascendant, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of the natal outline (lagna kundali). Separated from lagna kundali if the same situation of mars happens in navamansa or chandra kundali or in each of the three of them the sick impact of it will be more extreme. Manglik dosha examination is of extraordinary noteworthiness or esteem in horoscope matching process before marriage. Regardless of the possibility that the score of similarity focuses is above normal however if there is unsatisfactory match from the manglik perspective, the marriage is not suggested, as genuine challenges will be experienced in conjugal life.

Importance of Puja for Kuja Dosha

General remedies to Manglik dosha are as following for manglik persons to do personally for their benefit – A manglik should marry a manglik partner. A manglik person should always worship lord hanuman and recite hanuman chalisa in morning and evening. Hanuman puja is very beneficial for the people suffering with Manglik or Kuja Dosha. Manglik's must visit hanuman temple on every Tuesday and Saturday for hanumat darshan. Every Manglik must give daan of jiggery (gur) and masur dal time to time on Tuesdays. A manglik person should give ann (Food) and vastra (Clothes) daan on akshaya tritiya as it reduces the manglik dosha & malefic effects of retrograde Mangal).

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